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Oct 13, 2008 at 11:19 AM

Error in data loads-Error occured in the data seletion



We have to do an init load for Period 10 from data source 0EC_PCA_3.

When the period changes we usually copy the previous infopack and change the fiscal yesr period and do an init load.

This time we have to change the fiscal period to 010, we created a new info pack but the fiscal year period we forgot to change and was 009 and scheduled a init load.

The load failed with error mesg IN EXTRACTION PART:

1) syntax error in RSCDELTA

2) Error occured in the data selection -RSM 340

REQUEST part in monitor screen is green.

TRANSFER part in monitor screen is green


Data request received ---green

Data selection scheduled -


Error occurred in the data selection -


Processing (data packet): No data ---RED

We deleted the red request in the ods , deleted the init load in scheduled -init for source system --- chnaged the fiscal yesr period to 010 and triggered a new load but again it gives the same error mesg.

How to rectify this and do loads to the target successfully.

Please suggest