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Oct 12, 2008 at 09:31 PM

Reversal of return order



One of our users created a sales order with payment against a financial document, i.e. billing against L/C with type L/C and financial document number specified in the order header -> billing. The order was delivered, PGI done and invoiced. Later a RE type return order was made against the invoice, returns delivery done and credit memo for returns generated. Stock return was placed in blocked stock with movement type 671 upon return delivery. The problem is that the user removed the financial document number from the RE order header-> billing before creating return delivery and returns credit memo. As a result of this, the financial document is not showing that the order amount has come back. I recreated this scenario in our development server and tried to cancel the return invoice using VF11. This cancels the credit memo for returns, but I am unable to delete the delivery document. When I try to do a PGI on the return delivery document using VL02N it tells me that PGI has already been done. The return delivery shows status open. I believe it may be related to the blocked stock, but when I try using MIGO to do the corresponding movement 672 to release the stock the system doesn't allow it.

I need to reverse the return order process and get back to the RE sales order so that L/C number can be input there. Is there a way to delete the returns delivery document? Is there a standard processs for reversal of a return order? Please help.