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Oct 12, 2008 at 12:56 PM

ERROR => could not send data over multicast group (rc=-5) [nixxtst.cpp 1928



can any one pls let me know what is this error and how to re solve this...

..................** ERROR => could not send data over multicast group (rc=-5) [nixxtst.cpp 1928...............

when i am trying to connect to SAP web Applicaion server through SAP GUI 7.1, it said " waiting for response" and nothinmg comes.

I have installed SAP web application server 6.4 + MAX DB + Netweaver 7 + SAP GUI 7.1 on windows 2000 Server SP4

i am having instance like 00 & 01 with system ID J2E.

SAP is running well as i can check it in MMS as Green light. even telnet is working well with port 3600 and 3200. i used niping -t command too to check any error in Network Interface, but this was too O.K. in the last. thn why i m not be able to connect to any database thrugh SAP GUI ? why it saying tht "WAITING FOR RESPONSE" when i tried to logon here.

i make trace too on thrugh SAP GUI, and checked TRX files, even though i didnt get any major mistake, it only said tht connection time out ?? perhaps this is the reason i m getting window saying " waiting for response" for a long time n no connection. but why ??? as every thing is running well....