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Pull Multiple Questions\Answers

Apr 20 at 07:24 PM


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capture.jpgI have a report where I am trying to pull the answer to a main question and also pull what I will call the second-answer. So, in the screenshot if the user selects 'Antibiotic stewardship' then they get a second set of questions they are required to answer. I need the 'Antibiotic stewardship' answer and the second answer. It looks to me like the main answer is the same QUESTION ID for all, but the second ones are all different ID's.

Is there a formula I could write for this ? there are 10 main questions and close to 40 second answers.

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1 Answer

Ian Waterman Apr 23 at 07:52 AM

Depends on your database structure. If Secondary answers have a different ID then they could have a separate DB table.

If so simply join that table into your report linking IDS

Or if within same table as main question then the secondary question will have a parent ID field.

In which case add the same table back into report (crystal will complain just ignore) join table from parent to secondary table ID. Crystal will then alias table by adding _1 to table name. You can rename in expert screen by giving a more use friendly extension eg _secondary.


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