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Why do I have to select a primary tag from a list that is incomplete?

.NET - 0 hits

NCO - 0 hits

BAPI - 0 hits

ATTP - 0 hits

SE37 - 0 hits

Methinks the site designer meant "Product category" and not "Tag". Even then, there are a bunch of missing entries and no "other/not listed" choice.

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  • Former Member J├╝rgen Lins

    The question is about tags that are missing from the list, and the "tag list" not being a real tag list.

    I want to pick "NCO" for another question, but cant.

  • These look like something you'd choose as a user tag, not as a primary tag.

    Think about it - some people follow specific tags, others have bookmarked tag links to get a list of questions, which they might feel confident answering. Ask yourself - how many people would be following a SE37 tag and how many would bookmark it? The main purpose of asking questions is to get answers.

    There is no tag browser or any easy way to navigate via menus to see your question once it gets buried under the hundreds of posts and edits.

    I am just a functional consultant, but I think, that most people, who know what a BAPI is, would be following ABAP Development and ABAP Connectivity tags.

  • Hi Andrew, try to use the product you are using as the primary tag.

    Or try running a search with your issue here ( ) and see what other primary tags the other members are using. You'll soon figure things out in the new world ;-)

    Filter by "Question"


    Also figure out the specific SAP module you are using as well like MM, SD, ERP, , etc.

    All the tags are here BTW:

    Good luck!

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    Nov 02, 2016 at 02:23 PM

    And I cant even ask more questions now.

    An Internal error has occurred and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

    We are doing our best to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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  • Nov 04, 2016 at 06:38 PM

    If you have been on SCN before October then you'd pick a primary tag that corresponds to what used to be a "space" on SCN. There is a spreadsheet with the whole tag list somewhere but I've actually bookmarked my own blog because it has a decent collection of reference links (including the one that leads to the said spreadsheet).

    As Veselina correctly pointed out, it's not about the tag you want, it's about where you'd get best chance for an answer. E.g. I used to follow ABAP Development space before and now there is a tag with the same name. There was never a space for BAPI, SE37 and such. You can, of course, put those as a personal tag but they have no use so far, from what I've seen. Primary tag needs to be the subject (or product) that the question relates to. If you've hinted at what exactly your question is we could make a more intelligent suggestion.

    If the tags were so granular as to have a primary tag for every transaction or subject then the list would be enormous. How would you envision usage of tags if it was a "complete" list? Personally, I feel there are already too many primary tags.

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    • The only place I can see, where user tags are actually used in search, is in the other search, which is available in the new site ( Example:

      Unfortunately, it is absolutely terrible and bugged (which was already discussed, but I can see no improvement there) and no sane person would willingly use it to find content.

      You could get a list of questions tagged with a specific user tag: for the one, which you used here, the link is , but I won't expect that many use it, unless there is some internal agreement on where to enter it.

      There are a few potential uses of these, but as user tags are freely definable, there can be duplicates, which makes them not as easy to use. For example, people might agree to use a certain user tag as subdivision of a managed tag, or to specify product version, or as a very lame way to @mention someone. Still, if not everybody is aware of a particular use of such tags, the whole exercise is pointless.