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Oct 10, 2008 at 06:34 PM

Date / Time Conversion Question


Here we go again.. I hate working with old IBM Data. I have a filed it is a string this time, that stores the date it is 6 long to handle 235959 = 11:25:59 pm. however sometime as in now it has a value of 63123 = 6:31:23am i have the following equation:

stringvar a:=totext({TAGDTL.CREATION_TIME},0,'');

numbervar h:= tonumber ( a [1 to 2] );

numbervar mm:= tonumber ( a [3 to 4] );

time(h, mm, 0)

this works great as long as I have all 6 field filled. When I do not then the example of 63123(6:30:23am)

comes in and the h in time = 63 and I get an error.

Any suggestions would be appricated...