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Oct 10, 2008 at 03:42 PM

Xcelsius 2008 Issues


1.) When working with 2 instances of Xcelsius open, I notice that when you switch to look at the other, your Excel worksheet tabs start to mix up or disappear. I decided to close both of my Xcelsius instances, so that I would only open the one that I was working on. When I closed, it asked if I wanted to save. I clicked yes, and when I re-opened my Xcelsius file, I noticed that one of my Excel worksheet tabs had been deleted.

2) In some charts, the mouse over values show additional data - - no idea where it came from

3) Random shut downs and freezes on Vista Premium with Office 2007 and clean installation of Xcelsius with sp1

4) Using Excel at the same time usually causes problems (Have to always go to Excel Options, Advanced and uncheck u201CIgnore other applicationsu2026.u201D)

5) Would like to know how to move chart components (legend, chart, etc).

6) How to space out chart gridlines/axis values (min and max).