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Oct 10, 2008 at 01:28 PM

Uploading Hierarchies from Flat Files



I am trying to follow the following instructions:

[Uploading Hierarchies from Flat Files|]

I am new to SAP BW and find the instructions very hard to follow. The instructions seem to expect me to know a great deal more than I actually do at each stage. I have created a Flat File (.CSV) with the columns specified (NodeId, Iobjnm, etc) but I don't understand the relationship of Datasources, InfoSources etc on the way to actually getting the Hierarchy loaded into my InfoObject.

I have just about mastered the process of loading data from flat files through InfoPackages, DataSources(7.x), DSOs, Transformations and on to InfoCubes. So I understand the basics of creating InfoObjects and Transactional and Master Data.

Any advice, more detailed instructions welcome.