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Former Member
Oct 10, 2008 at 12:46 PM

Virtual Keyfigure giving error while Query execution


Hello Guys,

Reporting Requirement here is to

Display a ROLLING Key figure which is a sum of Previous Four weeks.

So if we are in Jan st week, the key figure should be the sum of last 4 weeks (which effectively is December month).

In Jan 2nd week, the Key figure should be the sum of last 4 weeks (which is 3 weeks for December and 1 Week for January)

So if I run the report today (2nd week of October), I should get individual columns for last 36 months with this calculation applied to for each column.

We tried to create a Cell Editor and put in a Virtual Key figure there to populate the data. The Virtual Key figure works fine/ok in Development environment. The moment we transport the code to Quality and the huge data comes in..the Query starts failing. Tried to debug it as well using RSRT, but it does not even come to the Code and gives an error message.

Did anybody faced something like this ever before?