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Oct 10, 2008 at 12:37 PM

Datenow function shows different time values


Hi all,

I just have experienced the following problem. I am using the MII datenow function (MII 12.0.2) on a server. When using the Link Editor inside the Workbench to evaluate the datenow value, it shows the current time correctly. However, when I use the same value as a parameter to a query and pass it to a varchar field in the database (Oracle 10g), the hour is one less than current time.

For example, if the link editor evaluates 2008-10-10T14:32:33, the table field contains 2008-10-10T13:32:33 after insert.

What is happening to the value

- when it is evaluated in the workbench

- passed to a query as text and inserted to a text field?

Using a date field instead of varchar and TO_DATE function shows the same result.