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Oct 10, 2008 at 11:28 AM

Problem with ADS (all test reports are OK)


Hello all !

I have THE BIG problem, that I cannot resolve.

I have ADS configured. All reports (fp_test_00, FP_CHECK_DESTINATION_SERVICE (with ads and without), test ADS connection). All fine.

But when the user tries to prepare print preview from RECN transaction, he receives an error:

Error Adobe: com.adobe.ProcessingException: Problem accessing d (200101)

When I set log file from SFP transaction I noticed an error:

Request start time: Fri Oct 10 13:03:06 CEST 2008

com.adobe.ProcessingException: Problem accessing data from Destination: dest:FP_ICF_DATA_DEV//sap/bc/fp/form/layout/RE_CN_010.XDP?fp-language=PL&fp-cacheinfo=2007-07-06T14%3a56%3a09Z%2466d72f8d-38d9-4a19-88a2-491e5a9117f2%240%24pl_PL%24v0.9; [Error Log file "2008.10.10.130307SAFPPIOTRK.pdf" written to E:\usr\sap\SSM\SYS\global\AdobeDocumentServices\renderErrorLog\errorFiles]

What is going on ?

I'm searching all documents, forums and nothings (almost all : check testing reports from SA38).


Piotr Kania