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missing primary index

Hi to all guru ,

I check on DB02 - MISSING INDEXS i see on a custom table that the primary index is missing.

I have the possibilty to click the button "create in DB" : is this the right procedure ?

DO you know if there are any precaution before do the creation over MAKE A DB BACKUP BEFORE DO THIS ?

Thank you very much.

I post here the log :

Missing indexes. Check of 10.10.2008 04:09:50

5 Indexes missing in the database

5 Primary indexes 1


Secondary indexes 0

5 Unknown indexes in ABAP Dictionary

DB indexes 0

5 Optional indexes

Too many indexes created 0

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2 Answers

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    Former Member
    Oct 10, 2008 at 08:49 AM

    You can create the index without any problem. The table may not be accessible for wirte during the index creation activity so if its a large table amybe do it during low activity on the system. No need for DB backup prior to that.

    Check for enough free space availability at the DB lelvel for the index and hopefully if you don't have duplicate keys in your Table the Index should go thru.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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    Former Member
    Oct 10, 2008 at 01:17 PM

    Hello Antonio

    "Create in DB" is a preferred method of creating the missing Secondary indexes

    The missing primary index known to the ABAP Directory, but which does not on the database, should be created in ABAP Dictionary Maintenance.

    1. Enter the name of a table in Transaction SE11 and select Display.

    2. Select Utilities u2192 Database Utility

    3. In the following screen select the primary index, then select Choose.

    4. Select Create Database Index.

    If no errors occur, the index has been created on the database. If errors occur for

    example, due to duplicate keys contact SAP.



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    • Hi ,

      I try to create the index unsuccesful , this is the log :

      I think SAP on a Z table does not offer support.

      Any idea to solve the problem ?

      here the log :

      Request: Create Index ZSIG_OFF_P-0 (VOCEAN/11.10.08/16:32)

      Process: sapprr3_1





      ( [MANDT] ,

      [COD_PRAT] ,

      [TP_DOC] ,

      [VERSIONE] ,

      [POSNR] )

      ON [PRIMARY]

      CREATE UNIQUE INDEX terminated because a duplicate key was found for index ID 1. Most significant pr

      DDL time(___1): ....13.442 milliseconds

      The SQL statement was not executed

      Index could not be created completely in the database

      Index ZSIG_OFF_P-0 could not be created

      Request for ZSIG_OFF_P could not be executed