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Oct 10, 2008 at 06:18 AM

Milestone Billing


Hi friends,

Need help on milestone billing.

This a constructin client, where in at the time of agreement certian charges are collected which is not a part of milestone for project systems.

1) Booking Charges, Agreement Charges, Stampduty, Registration charges. All this are based on agreement value

2) After the milestones from PS comes which is also based on agreement value.

3) At the end , before possesion charges like , Maintenance, Infrastructure etc. are collected from Customer which is adhoc and not based on agreement value.

My question :-

If I make my pricing procedure to calculate in such a way that the agreement value becomes the net value of the document, then point no. 1( Manually added in billing Plan tab ) and 2 gets calculated properly and shows in the billing for down payment request.

After I add point no. 3 manually in the billing tab, the final Invoice ( Also a Milestone ) shows only the agreement value ( Net Value ) where as it show addition of all the above points.

Can anybody help on the issue on priority basis.

I need that the final invoice milestone should be addition of all th charges in biling plan tab and not the net value.