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Error during the replication of document from source system to target system?

Apr 20 at 06:06 PM


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We're on S/4 HANA 1610. During the replication of document from source system to the target system via SAP LT Replication Server, we got the following error:

Message no. FINS_CFIN_AC_DOC004

Message Description: Business system for logical system could not be determined

Other details:-

Message Class: FINS_CFIN_AC_DOC

Message No. 004

Message type: A i.e. Cancel

Note: All the configuration such as Business system and logical system setup and assignment are in place. Other documents are replicating successfully except the one referred above in which we got the aforesaid mentioned error.

We tried to reproduce the error in the non-production system but unfortunately all the documents got posted successfully into the target system without going into an error.

Please help me to resolve the aforesaid mentioned issue. Thanks in advance!

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1 Answer

Sanil Bhandari Apr 21 at 04:56 AM


what is the type of document, you are trying to post? Is it a clearing or reversal document? if that is the case, could you make sure that the original documents are also posted before the replication of clearing or reversal document can go through. This is typically a problem when the source document for a clearing or revsersal document has not been replicated into the target system successfully


Sanil Bhandari

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Former Member

Thank You Sanil for the reply!

The document type is RV (Billing Doc. transfer). No, it is neither a clearing document nor reversal document. In-fact it is original document originated from SAP SD.

Please let me know what could be the solution for the aforesaid error considering the details that I mentioned above.

Thanks once again!



Since you mentioned the billing document, the below things could come to my mind:

1. Have you checked that all the master data of source also has the key mapping in the target? (Customer, GL, Profit Center)

2. Do you have a scenario where the source system is without document splitting and the target system has document splittng active? If that is the case, you need to check if all the perquisites for splitting are fulfilled in target

3. Do you use costing based COPA in Source and Account based COPA in target? If yes, check the cost element category since that would play a big role for document to be generated?

4. For the tax codes used, have you maintained the right value mapping in the below path:

IMG>Financial Accounting (new)>Central Finance>Mapping>Define Value Mapping>Maintain Value Mapping

5. Does the source document has a WBS Element by any chance, if yes, you need to check the target mapping since WBS to WBS mapping is not yet supported? If the source billing document has an IO, you also need to check the relevant IO to IO Mapping is available in the cost object mapping table in Central Finance?

Thanks & regards

Sanil Bhandari

Former Member

Thanks once again!

Here are the answers of your questions:

1. Yes, all the master data of source has the key mapping in the target system.

2. No, we don't have such scenario as mentioned above by you.

3. Yes, we have checked that and found everything in order.

4. Yes, we have maintained all the required mapping. Other FI documents originating from SD are replicating properly in the target system without any error/issue.

5. No, source document neither have any WBS Element nor Internal Order.

Any further lead will be helpful.

Thank You!