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Oct 09, 2008 at 01:17 PM

Product ID in Local PO (ECS)


Hi Gusy!

Our scenario is ECS and we're using material numbers in the catalog. These materials are not replicated to SRM.

In the call structure for the catalog we maintained "Do not check product". This works fine as long we maintain the material number in the catalog with leading zeros in the catalog.

Material numbers in the SC are displayed with leading zeros, no matter what output and storage format for product IDs I have configured in customizing . After saving the SC the local PO is created but the product ID field is empty when output and storage format is set to "display leading zeros" .But in the Backend PO item is created with the correct material number.

When output and storage format for product IDs the checkbox "display leading zeros" is not marked, the product IDs are displayed in the local PO (7 digits) but I get the error message "product does not exist in plant XXXX or has been flagged for deletion"

My questions are:

Is the product ID field in SRM PO not long enough to display 18 digits, or is it a bug?

Do I have to set the output and storage format of product IDs to "display with leading zeros" when products are not replicated?

Do I have to maintain Product ID in the catalog with leading zeros?