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Oct 09, 2008 at 01:46 AM

Infospoke - 3rd party tool not setting request to G (successful )



Anyone of you had experience of this issue before? I have an infospoke that loads data to the DB table. A 3rd party tool ( Datastage) extracts the data from the table. Everything works as expected, BW sends notification to 3rd party tool that data is ready for extraction. 3rd party tool extracts the data successfully, but the problem is that the request is not set to G (successful). The people working on Datastage said that their system issued a message to BW that extraction is successful but it seems BW did not accept/receive it. So although the data has been successfully extracted to the 3rd party tool, the request is still set to N (new) and not G. No errors are issued.

Below is the Infospoke Message run:

1. Extraction is running

2. Extraction running in background process BW_OH19802

3. Data Package 1

4. Send message to DATASTG

5. Message from DATASTG confirmed

6. The extraction ended successfully

7. Data is being read: Open hub destination DW1234

8. Finished reading data: Open hub destination DW1234

In this issue, the log should have:

9. Datastage job completed successfully (status set to G)

10. Status for request 154,567 was set to G.

But the infospoke only run up to 8. The catch here is that this doesnt happen consistently. Sometimes the infospoke status is correctly set. but sometimes it's not.

Any ideas what cause this problem? Will really appreciate any inputs.