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How many consumers i can aggregate under one retailer under one invoice.

Hi Experts,

Would like to know how many consumers I can aggregate without performance issue under one retailer for one invoice.

I have 50K consumers under same retailer and same MRU due to which all 50K consumers aggregated on the same day but I am facing performance issue.

Could you please share max count of consumers which you have aggregated successfully in one cycle



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  • Faisal:

    50K should not be an issue at all. Where do you have the problem?



  • Hi Bill,

    During printing retailer invoice using EA29_AGGRBILL having 50K consumer, I am facing the issue.

    Understand there are lots of custom code have been written in aggregation PWB form, but even standard code is taking lots of time.

    To be precise inside aggregation form we have a perform READ_DOC_HEADER, where it is processing DFKKTHI entry (50K*4) in the loop due to which it is taking more than 60 minutes to process 50K consumer under single invoice.

    Based on your experience just wanted to know how much time it should take for printing.

    FYI. I contacted SAP also but after few optimizations(note: 2584229), they are suggesting to break invoice into a smaller chunk.



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