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Dispatcher wont start

Apr 23 at 01:25 AM


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Hi, When I try to start our IDES system all components start except for the dispatcher. The error is as below:

*** ERROR => DpHdlDeadWp: W0 (pid 3796) died (severity=0, status=0) [dpxxwp.c 1362] DpWpRecoverMutex: recover resources of W0 (pid = 3796)

The database (Sql Server) starts ok. This only just started happening, the system was fine until 2 days ago. It is hosted on an Azure server. Hopefully someone can point me to a solution.


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2 Answers

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Jeff Stubbs Apr 23 at 04:28 AM

I restarted the server and that fixed it. Still don't know why it wouldn't start.

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Hello Jeff,

Glad to hear that the issue is fixed.

If you still want to take a look at why it failed to start, and the system was no (re)started more than once after the failure occurred, attach the "dev_w0.old" file to this thread as we need the traces from the time of the issue.



Raquel Gomez
Apr 25 at 08:05 AM

HI Jeff,
Please copy here complete Dispatcher trace (dev_disp) when it did not start. If server has been restarted, it will be dev_dips.old.
Trace says WP0 has died, probably the rest of the WP died, causing the Dispatcher not to start.
Provide also dev_w0 trace (or dev_w0.old if server is restarted), so that I can check why WP died.


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