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How to increase the CPU usage in HANA server

Apr 22 at 10:36 AM


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Dear Experts,

In my dev hana box we have 30 CPU on physical server. But the HANA is using only 10. That I can see from HANA studio administrative console "CPU Usage" menu. How to increase this value? Is there any parameter for this?

Kindly advise/hints


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Lars Breddemann
Apr 23 at 02:23 AM

There is too little information in your question for providing a conclusive answer.

A few aspects you might want to look into here:

- to you actually produce enough parallelizable workload to use all 30 cores? You wrote that you are working on a “Dev” machine, so maybe you are simply running single SQL statements at a time which don’t allow for higher degrees of parallelism.

- check whether or not you have limited the CPU core usage in any way. Check both the Linux OS parameters as well as the SAP HANA settings.

- see if you are working on single large data structures, e.g. one big table with no partitions. Much of the parallelisation a can happen due to the independent use of data structures within.a single statement, across several statements and across multiple sessions. If either of these aspects is limited, that can reflect directly on the maximum CPU usage.

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Former Member

Thanks for the update, Lars. Much appreciate.

Basically from HANA studio, once I open the administration console for this HANA instance


Here we can see 14 CPU available. But recently we have added 28 CPU at the OS level. If we do nproc command the value it shows is 28 now.

Let me know the parameters from SAP HANA & OS level we maintain for CPU usage.

Thank You.

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If you added the CPU resources while SAP HANA was up and running, you will need to stop and restart SAP HANA in order to have it pick up the new resource setup. The product documentation has all the details on parameters.