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Oct 08, 2008 at 07:12 AM

!!!HELP!!! Document Property for BATCH Upload MANY POINTS!



Is it possible to BATCH & MASS UPLOAD TEXT DOCUMENTS to a InfoObject with the "Characteristic Is Document Property" set ?

I need to Upload Texts or CSV Textfiles to SAP/BI.

The Text can be uniquely associated to an Identifier / Masterdata InfoObject / Primary Key.

From the Masterdata InfoObject I wan't to use the Feature:

"Characteristic Is Document Property"

In the Report it is possible to manually upload a Text Document

to the Identifier of the Masterdata InfoObject.

How to automatize this in Batch ?

Who knows the API / BAPI / EXIT / FUNCTION MODULE / TABLE of the DOCUMENT to Enable Batch & Mass Upload for Texts ?

Many ...


Good Bye

Martin Sautter, Munich