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Oct 08, 2008 at 06:16 AM

Error when installing addon: "Uninstaller can't be found"



because I [opened the thread|; in the wrong forum, I copied the more important parts below this post.

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Christof Rueß wrote on 10/7/2008:


I'm sorry for the wrong location for the thread but there seems to be no function to move it to

the other forum...

the programming language I'm using is C# (.NET 2.0).

Regarding the endinstall.exe: i've added a dummy for the file but it never gets executed during


However, the problem seems to be the call of "EndInstallEx" - the installer runs and in the same

moment as I call EndInstallEx the error message pops up in sap.

I have to add that the call to the dll is not made from the installer itself - calling dlls in

NSIS is a little bit tricky (especially when they are in special folders), so i made an

"addoninstallhelper.exe" which is making the call.

but that shouldn't be the reason for the failure, imo.

jimmy michael wrote on 10/02/2008


your question is referring to SDK. Post it to the SDK forum.

Nevertheless, I will explain briefly the solution.

What is the programming language are you using to develop the addon ? it should have the

application (exe file) and endinstall file (endinstall.exe file). I am not sure that it will

be correct if the installer maker application can provide it but better to use installer that

is not provide endistall.

The application file, endinstall file, and so on are used in the installer application list

window when we want to make the addon installer.

when creating ard file, you must prepare the addon installer and the application exe file. The

addon installer e.g. setup.exe will use either in the endinstall path and install path in the

ard generation tool.

Christof Rueß wrote on 10/2/08:


I'm trying to build an installer for a addon (with NSIS).

The Install routines run as i expect but when i try to make the call to EndInstallEx("",

true), SAP shows up a message saying "Uninstaller for Add-on can't be found" (german:

"Uninstaller für Add-on konnte nicht gefunden werden").

When pressing ok, the installer continues and, when finished, SAP says "Installation failed".

Whatever, when I try to re-run the installation, SAP shows "Installation successfully

finished" and the addon works...

The question is: Why does SAP miss the uninstaller when nothing is set in the ard-file and

where have i to put the uninstaller?

NSIS creates an uninstaller in the installation directory (addons/namespace/addon-name) but

the application also complains when I integrate the previously created uninstaller in the


What I'm also wondering about: why does SAP say that the installation failed when i call

EndInstallEx("", true)? (return value of EndInstallEx is -2 iirc)