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Multiple transportation lead times on 1 single route

Dear All,

I'm quite new to this so hope i'm not asking any dumb questions.

For a big account that I'm working with we keep running into lead times issues. And therefore I'm interested in the lead time functionality in SAP. With lead team i'm referring to the transportation lead time from moment of pick up to moment of delivery.

1) The SAP setup that i'm involved with is mostly setup in a following fashion:

France --> Germany 7 days lead time. My question: is there a way that we can set up postal code to postal code lead times? I'm working on an intra EMEA road freight case and country to country is never correct.

2) can i setup multiple lead times per route. Say I pick up in Belgium (postal code 22) and ship to Spain (postal code 28). Can i setup 3 lead times that have 3 different lead times on this lane? Say: Less than truck load 2 days, Full truck load 1 day and Groupage 5 days?

3) is there functionality in SAP that allows me to not quote my lead times in calendar days but in working days (and does this take into account bank holidays)?

4) is there functionality in SAP that allows me to change counting the pickup day as day 0, or to 1? And what is the default setting?

Thank you!


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  • For lead time which you defined as "from moment of pick up to moment of delivery," it sounds to me like you are referring to the planned transit time and not the transportation planning lead time. Can you clarify?

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1 Answer

  • Apr 22, 2018 at 07:29 PM

    Dear Tim,

    There are some ways in TM to stear the pick-up and delivery times in TM, please note that the time frames(soft and hard) for pick-up and delivery are stored in Freight Units(transaction: Planning-> Freight Unit -> Display Freight unit), you can find them under general data. To get a good overview regarding times I recommend listening the podcast below.

    As far as my knowledge goes there basically 2 ways to steer the times in the freight unit:

    1. The most 'simple' is to define it in the customizing of the FU. SAP Transportation Management -> Planning -> Freight Unit -> Define Freight Unit types(Under additional settings you can define a rule for Pick-up and Delivery). I am wondering if it wouldn't be possible for you to get the delivery date already in your transportation requirement (OTR/FWO/DTR, which one is in scope for you?), this would be the easiest and best solution.

    2. Another option is to create a condition and to assign it afterwards to the same customizing transaction for FU types. Go to the transaction Application Administration -> General settings -> Conditions -> Define conditions, here you can you use condition type /SCMTMS/TOR_TIMEWIND. In the Data Access Definition (button in condition) you can define different input variables which can lead to different results. e.g. a different time-window for each country. For more details see the link below:

    I recommend you to get the delivery window already from the OTR, FWO or DTR, this will be the easiest solution. We are using the condition for the time-window but are facing some trouble, it looks like the condition is not always triggered, so if it is really required to use it, please do some careful testing(CRUD and also taking the trigger concept and Chaco into account).

    I Hope this information answers the questions 1 and 2, so there are not really lead times but required times in the FU and the VSR will find the best/cheapest solution. Regarding point 3 you can assign calenders to e.g. resources, schedules or assign opening hours to locations.

    With kind regards,

    Benno Mateman

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