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I can't edit newly created Cloud portal site.

Apr 20 at 08:30 AM


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I got some trouble with Cloud portal Site.

I created new portal site for testing purpose yesterday,

and there was no problem to change some of the settings.

After a day passed, I just can't edit the site that I have created yesterday,

also can't edit any newly created sites.

If you have any clue, give me some. Thanks for your time.

*Sorry about the ambiguity about 'can't edit'.

When I push the EDIT button from Admin Space, another browser is opened with some kind of warning picture, so I can do nothing.


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Please elaborate the details of "can't edit".

For example,

  • Edit button is not active
  • Got some error message in browser console
  • Can not save the changes


Could you please attach a screenshot of the error/warning in English.

Thanks and regards,


Lorraine Fitzpatrick


This is English Warning page.

I think it occurs only with SAP Fiori launchpad.

I can edit other sites, like Admin Site, Basic Layout Set.


warning-in-en.png (232.0 kB)
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2 Answers

Phil Cooley Apr 23 at 11:23 AM

Please check you have the TENANT_ADMIN role assigned to your userid. That message means that you have no access. If you have recently set up Trust settings for the sub-account check you are assigning the right username.

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I've already assinged TENANT_ADMIN role to my user, but still doesn't work.

Any other suggestions?


Are you assigning it to the correct username though. It is case sensitive. Please provide more detail on the architecture of this setup. That is, have you got Trust Settings maintained to go through an ADFS? or some other authentication service? To me it sounds like the ID you are assigning is not correct so you need to enter the correct one.

Try to run a different service (OData provisioning for e.g.) and check the username that comes up. This is the username you need to assign to the TENANT_ADMIN role.

Lorraine Fitzpatrick
Apr 25 at 01:36 PM


Please check kba 2363135 - 'Authorization error when opening the Cloud Portal service' and ensure that each of the recommendations are in place.

Kind Regards,


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Thanks for your tips.

I'm using trial account, so I can't see flpnwc application to subscribe in Resolution 2) .