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Is the portal "dead"? What comes after EP 6.0? Rumours...

In the last weeks I have heard quite a few times from other customers and also from more or less "internals" that there will be no new development on the Portal side.

I´m aware that EP 6.0 is supported until the end of the maintenance of NW 7.0, I´m also aware, that there will be an enhancement package (or more than one) until then but I think that question is still valid.

Minor improvements are made with each SP (or now enhX), so I see progress but I doubt seriously, that the EP 6.0 enhX will be followed by an EP 7.0 (or whatever it is called then).

I am wondering because

- there is no active development towards J2EE 5.0 (or higher) in the EP area (at least I´m not aware of any), Java 1.4.2 is completely EOL´ed at the end of the current month; as of today you won´t be able to use an operating system such as Windows 2008 to run a portal.

- there is no "preview" of any newer technology covering EP functionality as is there for other middleware products (e. g. PI 7.1)

- I "heard", that the applications framework (or better said: the Netweaver base (enhX)) will handle in some version the inter-system data passing themselves, without the need of a portal in the middle that takes the data from system A and pass it to an application running against backend system B.

It´d be very nice if someone could comment on that, is that all misinformation and/or false conclusions?


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3 Answers

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    Former Member
    Oct 08, 2008 at 03:47 AM

    We do have NW Portal 7.0 isn't it. Also in CE 7.1 JDK 5 is supported and it does come with a WAS Engine and a Portal.

    Sorry if I haven't understood you question.

    But also it would be good to know whats coming after 7.0.....would CE 7.1 be the portal roll out for customers or would there be something like an 8.0 portal or would be just be enhancement packs which give new features??



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    • For remote access, the primary way of accessing data/information will be the portal.

      you mean an external facing portal?

      Our experience is: the users don´t accept it.

      The portal and the applications therein a are too sedate, it´s click - wait a second - click the next time wait a second - the whole experience of using the portal is not a real web experience but more like a big big valiumized framework that´s mainly using too many CPU cycles to be busy with itself. We did a lot of efforts in tuning, caching, memory analysis but it´s just the way it is - slow.

      Compared to other huge web environments (Amazon, Google) it´s uncomparable sedated.

      Our users tend to use the (still available) alternative ways of accessing the data, they mainly use the SAPGUI, even if they need many more steps to get their output - but they are still faster than clicking through the menu structure and waiting for the screen to be loaded completely where the portal itself is idling with 95 %...


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    Former Member
    Oct 08, 2008 at 04:08 AM


    There is EP7.0 which comes with NW04S and people are using it. There has been lots of enhancements in EP7.0 compared to EP6.0. I haven't heard of any news about portal's end anytime and I don't think it will happen. May be someone who is working closely with such product developments and enhancements can give more clear view. I feel the news may be false.


    Harini S

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    Former Member
    Oct 13, 2008 at 08:43 PM


    I think the SAP Portal is transcending to become more of a horizontal portal instead of what it is known for now, which is just a front end for SAP backend systems making it a vertical portal. That's the main reason the SAP portal is not used by companies who do not have SAP as their ERP or BI etc.

    Good thing is the Portal is now heading towards becoming a collaboration portal with Web 2.0 elements like Blogs, Wikis, Forums etc. SAP would be partnering with Jive software to deliver this functionality.

    That's probably the biggest move SAP is making in the portal space. As far as your question of whether its dead, I don't think so as it would continue to be the strategic platform for Web delivered solutions. Business Client is promising but definitely won't displace the Portal space. I think the goal of Business Client is to deliver more rich applications as its a client side install giving and gives an opportunity to leverage some client computing power.

    Looking forward to that!


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    • Looks like you never really needed the portal. Judging from you core business, you're more or less the target group for ECC (9SAPGui & NWBC) and not for the portal. You should re-talk with some SAP consultants and not so-called consultants that are sales people.

      If you don't need Web 2.0 - and for this, there exist better portal software than the EP - or any other EP provided solution, cut it. The train is driving into a direction where you don't want and need to be. If you can achieve everything without the portal, why the overhead?

      The only thing where I'm not sure is the BI-Java - now Business Objects. I think you'll need a portal, allthough not as an entry point (NWBC).