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Oct 07, 2008 at 10:21 PM

Problem on CO Settlement Rule



I have a problem at my CO Settlement Rule on a Building.


I Create a Contract with 3 condition, 1 conition Rent with distribution to Rental Space. In Rental Space I Have a CO Settlement Rule to Building. On Building I create a CO settlement on type CTR - Cost Element.

I Execute RERAPP - Periodic Post Contract with Type of Posting Run Periodic posting with transfer.

The Condition RENT is setting to use Revenue account.

When I Execute FO8C - Actual Settlement, I have the error:


Settlmnt from revenues/debit-side down paymnts to receiver CTR 61001 not allowed - Message no. KD561 - Diagnosis

The sender has revenues or customer down payments with cost element 4200000001 (business transaction: Actual settlement).

You cannot settle these revenues or customer down payments to receiver CTR 61001.


Change the settlement rule for the sender. It can be useful, for example, to use a source structure to settle costs and revenues separately to different receivers.


Revenues or customer down payments can only be settled to G/L accounts, profitability segments, sales documents, real estate objects, orders with revenues, or WBS elements.


Why This Error ???

Why cannot settle these revenues or customer down payments to receiver CTR 61001 ????


Marcos Paulo Nogueira

Braziliam Real Estate

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