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Importing Numeric Type Attributes


How do we import Numeric Type Attribute values?

Is there any white paper on that?

Thank you guys


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4 Answers

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    Oct 08, 2008 at 12:14 AM


    Importing Numeric stuff is no different than regular text, just make sure if your source is excel it is correctly formatted and you are mapping it to the right field type,

    specifically are looking for something else concerned with numeric data types like conversions?

    let us know.


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    Oct 08, 2008 at 03:52 AM

    Hi Dan,

    Importing Numeric type attributes into MDM is not a special case unless you are talking of something different.

    If you want to import Numeric data in to MDM make sure your MDM field type is numeric.

    If you source field contains alphanumeric characters such as MAT1234 then you need to keep the data type of the field as Text it self asText data type will import any string data.

    While importing in to MDM using import manager,take note that IM will convert your source data to the data type of the MDM mapped field.

    So MDM IM performs this automatic conversion of data values when mapping fields.

    Hope It Helped

    Thanks & Regards

    Simona Pinto

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    Oct 08, 2008 at 03:00 PM


    There is no way of inserting Numeric Type Attributes until unless you dont import record for your Main Table. I mean let your Repository does not contain any records in main table but you have created a Category in Taxonomy mode and you have two attributes assigned to this category one of type Text which is nothing but just act as lookup table from which you can select value for your category for a main table record when you select this category. and another Attribute of type say Numeric, here for numeric you cant select value from dropdown .

    Importing of taxonomy happens in four steps.

    1. importing Categories.

    2. importing Attributres.

    3. importing Attribute links.

    4. importing Attribute values: Here during importing values you can import values for your Attribute of type Text but if you want to import Numeric type Attributes too thats not Possible as i mentioned above it doesnot have any lookup values for your Attribute type Numeric thats why without main table import you cant import values for Attribute type Numeric which you cant select from dropdown .

    you can check this maually by creating a category and two attribute one of type text and other of type Numeric here you can add values for type text but not for Numeric into MDM Data Manager.

    So here if you want to import Numeric Type Attributes also then you have to import this using main table. where you could able to see Attributes of Type Numeric having AttributeName in your Destination items when you select your main table. here from source file you map one field to your destination display field , one field from source to field category which is look up to your Taxonomy Categories table in your Destination ( this category shud be link to your numeric type Attribute) , and your source attribute field of type numeric with destination AttributeName ; map also its numeric values to your destination values or add this values to your destination, in this way you can only import Numeric Type Attributes.

    Hope it will Help you,



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    • Former Member


      There is no special way to import Numeric type attribute.

      For example there is main table named Business Partner.

      Business Partner has Lookup Taxnomy field Category.

      Now, Category has a Lookup table named Categories which is Taxonomy.

      Categories has three values Person, Organization and Group.

      The value Person has Numeric type attribute height.

      Now, when we import data from source record in xls sheet we need to map this source field with the Taxonomy attribute.

      Then, value mapping is required and we need to add the values.

      After the import step is done successfully, the numeric attribute will be populated.


      Kaushik Banerjee

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    Former Member
    Oct 14, 2008 at 12:40 PM