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How to copy chart from one planning sheet to other sheet in same template


In same template we have two planning sheet 1 & 2.

In sheet 1 we have a chart functionality existing.

We need to copy the same chart functionality from Sheet 1 to sheet 2.

We just need to copy only chart.

Any pointers will be helpful.



test1.png (529 B)
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3 Answers

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    Apr 19, 2018 at 11:09 AM


    I am not aware of a simple copy functionality. You would need to add all symbols and all VBA functionality manually

    Assuming that the sheet 2 does not have any fancy settings yet, my recommendation therefore is to go to the sheet one and in here on the IBP ribbon click the black little triangle beside "New View" and choose "Copy current sheet".

    That will create an exact copy of your sheet one, in which you only need to copy the setting from Sheet 2 via the copy functionality within "Edit View", and exchange the KF you want to get displayed in the chart

    For more information on how to work with the templates, see the attachment to OSS note 1790530



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    • Hi Irmhild,

      Even I tried many options to copy just "chart" but none of them work.

      I guess now the only option is "copy current sheet" and do required changes.

      Thanks for conforming.



  • Apr 19, 2018 at 09:18 PM

    Hi Akki,

    As well pointed by Irmhild, the Copy Current Sheet option is the only option available at the moment.

    If you think that creating an additional option to copy only the chart info would be a good enhancement, feel free to provide an Improvement Request in the Influence Channel, that may go for consideration by the Product Management team for future releases:



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    Former Member
    May 18, 2018 at 03:48 AM

    Hi Akki,

    I could achieve this after doing some R&D. There is a hidden worksheet called SapIbpChartFeeder.

    1) Unhide the worksheet - SapIbpChartFeeder

    2) Make a copy of if (Right click on Sheet Name -> Move or Copy -> Create a copy. A New Sheet by the name SapIbpChartFeeder (2) will be created

    3) Next step is to do similar copy of Planning View Sheet (Planning View 1), but you can hide all rows beneath in this new sheet where you want only the chart to appear. A new sheet by the name Planning View 1 (2) is created

    Right click on the chart (maybe the bar or line in the chart) -> Select Data -> Paste the value: ='SapIbpChartFeeder (2)'!$C$5:$DJ$6

    4) Next step is to right click on the Sheet name (SapIbpChartFeeder (2)) -> View Code

    5) In the section Modules (right hand side) -> Click on Chart Handler.

    6) Now position your cursor on the code window and Cntrl + F (Search for this piece of text in the code) -> Call ReDrawChartFeeder(series, filter, totals, topLeft, rptWidth, caShift)

    7) Just beneath the line found after search paste the below two lines of code -

    Worksheets("SapIbpChartFeeder (2)").Range("C6:ZZ6").value = Worksheets("SapIbpChartFeeder").Range("C5:ZZ5").value

    Worksheets("SapIbpChartFeeder (2)").Range("C5:ZZ5").value = Worksheets("SapIbpChartFeeder").Range("C5:ZZ5").value

    Save the VBA Code editor using save button

    8) On changing data in Planning view and saving data will make the data to reflect in both the charts in worksheets - Planning View 1 and Planning View 1 (2)

    9) Hide back Sheets - SapIbpChartFeeder (2) and SapIbpChartFeeder

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