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Oct 07, 2008 at 01:35 PM

Comparison of Char values in a report


Dear All,

I need to create a query which includes comparing of 2 Characterisitcs adna 3rd column telling whether these 2 columns are same or not.

A Short Description:

The reporting needs to be done on Authorisation tables in BW system. An infoset is created and a Virtual Infocube is created to serve as an infoprovider for the reports.

In the report I need to include 2 seperate columns on one InfoObject which contains Numeric Character values (ex. $USER, 4, 10, **, $TMP etc.) and a 3rd column telling whether the two VALUES in these 2 columns are same or not.

I know I can compare values of a Key figure but how to compare Numeric Character values.

I have created this infoObject as a Charactreristic of length 40.

Please let me know a way to solve this problem.

Many thanks in Advance