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Oct 07, 2008 at 01:29 PM

Location of java servlet (not jsp) deployed on Java Stack



Why this forum? this post is related to the way of calling a java servlet deployed on the java stack, so it's related to the structure of the stack than to real java programming.

Usually, I develop JSP servlets which are easily called either with a mapping or not. I have deployed now a java servlet and added a mapping to it by modifying the xml source itselft in its descriptor, but after deployement I am not able to reach the resource.

In the windows explorer of the java stack I find in j2ee>cluster>server>apps my application as follows:

app_ear>servlet_jsp>app>root>WEB-INF>classes>my class files


This time it's not a jsp that I want to call: app/app.jsp but my java servlet which lies in the classes subdir.

Could someone help my to achieve this or is it the wrong way, we can only request jsp applications?

Kind regards,

Tanguy Mezzano