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Oct 07, 2008 at 11:39 AM

BAPI to pack deliveries into HU's within shipment - please help



Grateful if someone can help.

I have a shipment that can be viewed via the VTxxN transactions. The shipment has several deliveries in it. I want to emulate the packing of the deliveries into HU's (I have set up config to use external HU id numbers and will be using one of two packing material numbers) within VT02N (brown cardboard box icon) using a BAPI or fn module.

Im having difficulties with function module HU_PACKING_AND_UNPACKING which I thought was the one to use, but this fn module has a structure GS_HEADER51 which is populated when called from VT02N but of course its not populated when I test it or call from my code, and the contents of this structure are checked. After creating an enhancement to set up this structure, for testing purposes, I then find other structures that are not populated. It is going to get messy this way.

There are other BAPI's like BAPI_HU_PACK and BAPI_HU_CREATE but I dont believe these work with deliveries.

At the minimum I believe I need a BAPI that will accept the following four fields - delivery number, delivery item, HU id and packaging material number.

I dont want to write a CALL TRANSACTION calling VT02N as I need to pack HU's within containing HU's, so there will be multiple HUs to be packed - then I start having the difficulty of page up/page down screen control.

Would be great if someone with experience of this can help as Im stuck and really need to resolve this.

Kind regards in advance,