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Oct 07, 2008 at 09:28 AM

Template in Webi



I'm trying to create a standard template for table in the reports of the webi. I red that we can modify the defaultconfig.xml, and espacially the following key values:

<li>freeCell*defaultFree: cells (not section cells)

<li>freeCell*sectionSection: cells

<li>table*AltBodyAlternate: body cells in a table

<li>table*bodyBody: cells in a table

<li>table*ExtraHeaderObject: name cells in a crosstable

<li>table*FooterFooter: cells in a table

<li>table*HeaderHeader: cells in a table

<li>table*TableGeneral: settings for tables

I've 3 questions:

<li> Is it any way to specify more precisely the template. For example, the font for row total is bold but not for column total. The first level of row total is bold, but the second is only italic, ... Are there some extra key values like "table*row*ExtraHeaderObject"...

<li> What are all the proprieties of the key values?

<li> Is it any way to apply the defaultconfig to a specific universe. For example, if (universe="xxx") then ..."key values) else ( "key values")

Thanks in advance


Edited by: Jean-Christophe Rochez on Oct 7, 2008 11:34 AM