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NW 7.50 Destination Servlet

Apr 19 at 11:52 PM


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Hi All,

We recently upgraded our Portal NW 7.40 to NW 7.50. In NWA we are seeing the DestinationServlet Module is missing in NW 7.50. Below is a screen of our NW 7.40 system showing how to locate the module.

Does anyone know how to get the missing DestinationServlet Module back in NW 7.50?


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Fabio Sarmento
Apr 20 at 07:26 PM

Hi, You are right,
I couldn't find it for NW7.5 anymore and I couldn't find it either on the SAP code, it seems that has been removed.

See an interesting information in the help:

Note: Due to serious impact on performance, this solution is intended for development environments only.


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Former Member

Hi Fabio,

Thanks for confirming. Since SAP has removed this function in NW 7.50, would you know what other possible alternatives are there? The real driver on using DestinationServlet is for our Portal Fiori Dynamic Tiles (getting workflow count in backend systems). We don't really want to install Web Dispatcher to route this dynamic tile traffic to bypass CORS as this complicates our landscape.

If Portal's DestinationServlet could not be used, then browser will see dynamic tile traffic as CORS. As you can see the origin (portal url) and request (backend url) are different, thus triggering CORS options method call.

We tried configuring our backend's ICM per , but we are still getting a 401 error in our browser. I believe mysapsso2 cookies are not being passed.Hopefully you could recommend other possible solutions or know how to resolve CORS cookie problem.Thanks.
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Hi Wei L. Baw,

As Edison already answered in the incident you have opened to SAP, there is no workaround. Because the CORs the Web dispatcher or Web Seal has to redirect all the host and port to the same domain and protocol, otherwise Fiori will fail.


Check Note 2204286 which talks about the deprecation of this HTML5 Component/Proxy feature in 7.31 (4th line)

Anyhow, DestinationServlet is not a solution. This was created just for testing purpose in the Dev systems. :(