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Sales Order and Production integration

Hi Sir,

We have a scenario were marketing received the order but do not know whether order should be created in manufactured FG code or Trading FG code and also they don't know the plant in which this production will happen.

FG code and plant allocation decision is done by production team.

So for this scenario how we should communicate the marketing requirement to production through SAP. How to handle this case, please suggest.

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3 Answers

  • Apr 19, 2018 at 04:42 PM

    Do you have telephone or email?

    It is obviously not yet a sales order as you can't maintain it without material number and plant. So you would need to go the old fashioned way of communication to obtain this information before you can create the sales order.

    You may have taken a wrong decision in your design if you created 2 material numbers for the same material, others use 1 material and might additional do split valuation to determine different accounts and keep costs for own produced materials separate from those of the bought material. with 1 material number the order could be created right away.

    Of course you can create the sales order with the material for own production, and when the planner says that it should be procured externally then you reject the item and add a new item with the other material number. Its additional work if you do not want to ask prior to order entry.

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  • Apr 24, 2018 at 02:44 AM


    It is possible in SAP to create a sales order without defining the plant. However, someone will have to define the plant in the sales order, before it becomes relevant to production. Therefore, the issue is more to define a process and a person in your company responsible for the plant determination than an actual system issue.



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  • Apr 21, 2018 at 07:49 PM


    Actually the main issue is the while raise the sale order, marketing team does not know the plant. So we have suggested the following:

    Marketing will create the sales order in dummy plant for a material and production team shall run the sales order report VA05 to check the list of material required to be planned for production.

    Then production Team shall accumulate all the order and upload the requirement in MD61 through LSMW. After production of the material, production team will communicate about the production to sales team and then sale team will change the plant in the sales order from dummy plant to real produced plant.



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    • The way I'm reading this, "the main issue" is that no one knows the plant. Even the production team is yet to decide where they want to manufacture the goods.

      Sorry but you seem to be asking a consulting grade question yet there was not enough information provided and you seem to be adding more details as someone answers. This is rather unproductive. Please review your question and provide more information about the business process and analysis you've done so far. Might want to start with whether you have ATO ot MTO process, what's the deal with "manufacturing FG" vs "trading FG" (I'm actually not sure what FG is here exactly), etc. Otherwise I'm afraid "call or send an email" is the only answer that can be provided.

      LSMW is a migration tool, it's meant for one-time data load and is not suitable for everyday use.