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Apr 19, 2018 at 12:03 PM

BPC 10 dimension tables


Hello everyone!

I am currently envolved in an upgrade from BPC 7.5 NW to BPC 10.1 NW.

I have read in an archived post that in 10.1 excel dimension files are no longer used to store dimension data, and now we have dynamic tables (/1CPMB/). I have checked this for one dimension, and found the following tables:

/1CPMB/_WHDIRRT --> an old 7.5 table, judging by the content

/1CPMB/BWHDIRRT --> The new dynamic table?









Can you guys help me understand the function of each generated table?

Also, how do these tables relate with the corresponding BW InfoObject tables (ex: /B28/PWHDIRRT, etc)?

Thanks in advance for your help!