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Oct 06, 2008 at 04:15 PM

Script window problem...


HI all...

I have a requirement in script ...

I have a footer which covers 30% of the form...

I have to print the footer only on the last page.

The main window can accomdate only 23 rows ...

if the entries in the main window are less than 22 rows..i need to print the footer in the first page only

if the entries are more than 22 entries i need to accomdate the place for main window in the first page and so on.

Example: I have the Page which has the main address and footer ..the footer covers 30% of page.

if i have the 150 line items in the main window the last page may go upto 7 to 8 pages

in that case i only need the footer which has covered 30% of the form in the last page only.

and i will be able to accomdate the maximum place for the line items in the main window



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