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Apr 19, 2018 at 02:07 AM

Change in Calc Date in FWZZ


Hi Gurus,

I have concerns regarding the Calc. Date under the "Condition items" section of FWZZ.

The user was expecting that the interest accrual will be computed on 01/31/2018 (month end) and not on 02/01/2018, however, the last interest was calculated and posted on 02/01/2018. When I checked, the reason is because the Calc. Date was set to 02/01/2018 where due date and end term is also the same.

I made a research and found that "Calculation Date" is the date that represents the end of a calculation period for interest calculation. This made me assume that the reason why the interest was calculated on 02/01/2018 is because of the Calc. Date. Let me know if my assumption is correct.

The question is, there are other securities that are set this way where Due Date is the first day of the month and Calc. Date was set on Due Date as well. If my assessment is correct that the last interest is calculated based on the Calc. Date, can we just change the "Calc. Date" to end of the month for example, 04/30/2018 where Due Date is 05/01/2018?

I actually tried to change one of the securities Calc. Date but it wad disabled and locked though I can actually add row and change the "Calc. date", I want to know what is the effect of changing the Calc. date to previously posted interest? Is the change will only affect the succeeding schedule?

Your inputs and expertise are highly appreciated.


PA Reyes