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How to assign a variable to the result of a query in HANA?

Nov 02, 2016 at 11:24 AM


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Hello, all

How does one assign the result of a query to a scalar variable in HANA? In MS SQL I could:

SET @myvar = ( SELECT CardName FROM OCRD WHERE CardCode = @cc )

or, for several variables:

SELECT @var1 = Field1, @var2 = Field2 FROM MYTABLE WHERE Code = @code

The only way to do itin HANA that I have found is via a very long compass, i.e. by dint of a cursor. But cursors being intended for the iteration over several data rows, they are very clumsy in such simple an operation as a single assignment of a single scalar variable. I should say it is actually an abuse of cursor, so there ought to be a better way. Is there one?

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Anton Shepelev Jul 02 at 12:23 PM

Here is an example, ready for testing in Hana Studio:

    DECLARE V1, v2 vARCHAR(8);
    SELECT 'Hello', 'there' INTO V1, V2 FROM DUMMY;
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This is one of the many cases where just flipping through the documentation would’ve been the quicker way to get the answer.


Yes. But why the downvote? I saw my old unanswered question and answered it.