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Cost estimate to be restricted if BOM is not maintained

Apr 18 at 11:41 AM


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I have a case where cost estimate was allowed to be saved even if the BOM was not maintained. As routing was maintained system updated the price accordingly. On further analysis, I understood that message CK 424 "No BOM found" is an information message. I tried to change the message class as well as message type to E via OBMSG & OBA5 but that didnt work out.

Any thoughts on how can I restrict the cost estimate for materials where no BOM is maintained?

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2 Answers

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Adamu NUHU Apr 19 at 12:15 PM

Hi Harnish,

You can change message CK424 from type I to E though the following IMG Menu.

While in the messages screen, click on message 424, provide a TR and then change the type to E.

Save and exit.



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Harnish Shah Apr 26 at 06:56 AM

Hi, Thanks for the inputs. It worked. But still when I run CK40N even if the message is an Error, the cost estimate is saved with Routing costs. Any idea?

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In this case, costing will be saved with status KF - costed with errors. This means you can neither mark nor release the cost estimate.


Even with the error message, the user can save the cost estimation, but you can set the message as a termination message. The error message will be given and the transaction is not performed. The user cannot save it anyway.

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