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Oct 06, 2008 at 07:57 AM



hi guys,

Is there any standard report which will display the following-

Material code , batch no.,batch dt.(GRN dt) , batch qty. for a plant.

This is required to generate Non moving report.

I have tried using MCBZ/MCBO - they give the last Goods issue date. if No. of days are calculated based on last GI ,then the data is not correct.e.g 1000kgs is in stock , 500kgs is lying since 1/6/08 and another 500 is lying since 1/10/08. If the Last GI for this material is say 1/7/08 .It will show the entire 1000kgs is nonmiving since 1/7/08. which is not the case.

Hence i need something based on batch no qty and date.

I have tried MCBR -but it only gives u batch no.