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SAP HANA XS - SAP HANA Studio missing library

Apr 19 at 01:15 PM


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Hi all,

I am working with SAP HANA Studio in SAP HANA XS (SP02) for VM and I don't find sap.hana.admin.cockpit.sysdb.roles:SysDBAdmin or sap.hana.admin.role:Administration . I was checking and tried to download the package again but doesn't seem to fix.

Thank you for your help

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Hi Lara,

Are you using HANA express edition VM version? Can you please provide us more details?




Hi Joice,

Yes, SAP HANA XS (VM with OpenSuse). I followed the document steps and I downloaded several times the libraries but as you can see even under sap.hana.admin.roles there are Objects missing, don't know what I could be doing different.

Kind Regards,


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1 Answer

Chris Huston
May 04 at 06:46 PM

@lara - the roles you refer to are not available in SP02. Please see the following:

A new and enhanced implementation of the SAP HANA cockpit is available with SAP HANA 2.0. The delivery units used to deploy the original implementation of the SAP HANA cockpit in SAP HANA 1.0 as auto content exist for downward compatibility reasons, but they no longer contain any content. The following roles delivered in the these DUs are therefore no longer available:

  • sap.hana.admin.roles::*
  • sap.hana.admin.cockpit.sysrep.roles::SysRepAdmin
  • sap.hana.backup.roles::*
  • sap.hana.admin.cockpit.sysdb.roles::SysDBAdmin
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