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Apr 19, 2018 at 08:16 AM

SAP Import client performance

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Hi gurus,

I have a message while performing a client copy

3 ETW674Xstart import of "ZCO01_DIFPRET_V2" ...
4 ETW000 full scan in 3913144 entries because binary search is not possible for this table because  key contains unsortable types, this may result in loss of performance

And the current result is that for almost a week it's in the same state :(

So I started investigating the issue but couldn't find any concludent responses:

1. All the steps in this post are already done ...

2. Then I started looking at "Binary search". It's true that it's for an internat table, but I thought it would give me a clue on what might be the problem with the keys.

3. Then I started looking at table Technical settings (don't know if it would help me with client copy, but why not check it). In my case I have the same DB MSSQL so no worries there either.

4. Then I started looking at the "Sort" statement to see if I get clues on what kind of types I can us for the defined keys, what I'm allowed and what I am not. As far as I can tell I can use any type for the sorted key field.

5. And then I looked over the specific fields I have defined as key fields in my custom table:

DataE.       DataTy.    Length  Deci
MATNR	     CHAR	18	0
CHARG_D	     CHAR	10	0
GJAHR	     NUMC	4	0
WADAK	     DATS	8	0
VBELN	     CHAR	10	0
POSNV	     NUMC	6	0
VBELV	     CHAR	10	0
POSNV	     NUMC	6	0
ZCONTOR	     DEC	8	0

And as you can see all of them are flat types, no decimals ... nothing fancy.

Any ideas what else I can try ?