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Implementing CAPACITY planning, Scheduling

Hi Folks,

Before creating this thread, I have read and worked very hard last few days to implement this. please DONT DELETE this post.

I have some queries unanswered,

1. SAP has sooo many tcodes for capacity planning. Which one to recommend to client.

I found CM56 useful but it remains in Days period ( I may need week or month )

CM01 is customisable but it takes single WC.

2. Which capacity levelling tcode to choose?

CM25 has so many to choose one? I find most of them fulfilling my requirement but not sure why so many standard profiles available.

3. My business produces in a fixed batch size of 2K KGs, can I add this requirement in capacity planning?

example, it should show WC can make 2 batches(4000KGs) in week1...etc.

4. When I run MRP with lead time, system does not schedule planned orders.

It does schedule order of current month and no one else. I read in Caetano Almeida blog that OPU5 can be used but I am not sure how?

I changed sched horizon to 100 but still it wont help.

Sorry to ask so much queries. Will really appreciate your help.

I can post any screenshot if required.

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1 Answer

  • Apr 26, 2018 at 01:34 AM

    Hi Akash,

    1. CM01, CM56 are transactions for capacity evaluation. SAP has provided:

    CM07 - Variable -> User can enter their own profile.

    Work Center View

    • CM01 - Load
    • CM02 - Orders
    • CM03 - Pool
    • CM04 - Backlog
    • CM05 - Overload

    Extended Evaluation

    • CM50 - Work Center View
    • CM51 - Individual Capacity View
    • CM52 - Order View

    2. CM25 is transactions for capacity leveling. SAP has provided:

    CM25 - Online Variable <<<!!! User can enter their own profile instead of standard profile

    Work Center View

    • CM21 - Planning Table (Graphical)
    • CM22 - Planning Table (Tabular)

    Individual Capacity View

    • CM27 - Planning Table (Graphical)
    • CM28 - Planning Table (Tabular)

    Order View

    • CM31 - Planning Table (Graphical)
    • CM23 - Planning Table (Tabular)

    3. Capacity leveling transactions doesn't consider other thing except TIME.

    4. You can ask question under Cateno's blog about it.

    Best regards,


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