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Prohibit payment block B change in FB02

Apr 18 at 06:39 AM


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As per the current settings, user can change the Payment Block 'B' in the document using FB02 transaction.

We want to prevent this. Only a specified person should be able to change this.

If I do setting in OB32, it is not changeable by anybody.

How can I achieve this ?

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3 Answers

Bastiaan Jansen Apr 18 at 01:56 PM

I'm not sure if this can be solved using Authorisation settings.

You can create a validation (with exit) which checks if the payment block differs from the previous value (look it up in the database)

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Dear Bastiaan

Thanks for the proposal.

what condition I can build to check the previous value of block ?

I mean the condition to be built in GGB0. Please guide me.


There are many tutorials on validations.

I would start OB28, create a validation on line item level.

Use a user exit on the validation (c_exit_param_none) with some code like this :


Select on the table what the current value of the field is.

check if it differs from the value you are validating.

Raise B_true or B_false.


You will need an ABAP developer for this (also don't forget to regenerate),I've used logic like this succesfully.

In the condition part of the validation you can exclude users for this check with a set as mentioned below (google on how to use sets)

Narasimhulu Konnipati Apr 18 at 01:59 PM

Write a validation in GGB0 with the authorized Users list by creating a set in GS01.

This should work.

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Hi Narasimhulu

Thanks for the validation suggestion .

I am not familiar with set creation in validation. I know simple valuations.

Can you please guide me how to create validation involving sets ?


Sanil Bhandari Apr 24 at 04:00 AM

Hi nikki saju

You need to create a simple set using GS01 for table BKPF for field BKPF-UNAME

The below wiki should be handy for you to write a validation step

I would also suggest that you put in where exactly you are struck up in the solution already provided. I guess Narasimhulu Konnipati and Bastiaan Jansen have already guided you in the right direction.

Thanks & Regards

Sanil Bhandari

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Thanks for the inputs.

Let me go further on the validation creation with all your inputs and find out.