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GTS SPL Exclusion Terms

Apr 17 at 10:15 PM


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Hi GTS experts,

Has anyone implemented below feature in GTS Compliance module? If yes, could you tell me how you did?

In the SPL screening, I am aware of the option to exclude certain keywords from the screening of BP data, using the standard config and master data.

But In my current project, the business asks to 'block' BP's anytime certain keywords are found in the BP name. ( ex: Nuclear, Weapons, etc. )

One option I tried was to define custom SPL entries for each of these terms. It appears to work, except that if the BP name was too long, it falls below the percentage threshold for the match , thus the block works for short BP names only.

My next best option is to explore the BADI. But I wanted to know if anyone had similar experience, and how they addressed it. Thanks in advance,

Raj Palanivel

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2 Answers

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Mouaz BEN REDJEB Apr 20 at 03:54 PM

Hi Raj,

Probably the easiest way is to set up a new SPL Legal Regulation with a separate comparison procedure.

You can then customize this comparison procedure with a different logic in order to always match your custom SPL entries e.g. by setting the comparison direction SPL>BP with very low match threshold.



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Former Member Apr 27 at 02:02 AM

Thank you Mouaz for your suggestion.. It is a great idea. I am going to try it out...

Appreciate your help!

-Raj Palanivel.

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