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Release Status of PO After reject of PO

Apr 17 at 05:53 PM


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Hello ,

PO Release strategy we have Release option for release of PO and as well reject option to reject the PO also,

When we approve the PO, while display of PO, we will get Ok symbol, that PO released.

When we reject the PO, system does not have any symbol that PO was rejected. Can you get the X symbol in-front of PO rejected level

FYI, If i we open the PO in change mode, we get Cancel release symbol, but not in Display mode


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2 Answers

PRASOON AK May 08 at 03:56 PM


You are right, system wont show the indication in the PO - release strategy tab in display mode or for unauthorized users that the PO release is rejected. Its standard design and there is no option in standard to show a cross icon in release strategy tab when release is refused, as of my knowledge.

Howerver, you can see the status in theader - status tab whether its in release, rejected or release completed. Refer the screenshot below:

Also, in table level, EKKO-PROCSTAT will update with value 08.



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Asif Habib May 08 at 11:00 AM


In the release indicator, you can maintain X for Blocked (Its standard if you configure release strategy). Unless you release the PO, it will be in blocked stage. In the below image, I have customized as '2' for my client requirement.

In display mode, it's read-only and non editable. That's why you cannot cancel in that mode.

Thank you

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