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Hybris Marketing Cloud - Explicit consent for all countries & mediums

Apr 17 at 02:25 PM


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In Hybris Marketing Cloud is there an easy way to set ALL outbound marketing permission consents to explicit? (i.e. for every country and communication medium)

My understanding is that in 'Manage Outbound Marketing Permissions' you set a Country & Communication Medium, then set consent to Implicit or Explicit. If you leave Country blank, this setting applies to contacts who have no country value set.

So do we have to configure a row for each individual country and communication medium? We have many rows of configuration to add if so :-) I was hoping there was an easier way to do it.


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Kevin Wang
Apr 18 at 12:14 AM

Hello Simon,

Yes, the "blank" for country field is only restrict the contact doesn't have country value set. But for communication medium field, the "empty" acts as a wildcard for all communication media. Currently there should no "easier way" to set every country to explicit (may someone have the workaround? please share it here if there is :).

By the way, may I know what's the reason you want to set all country as explicit? What's the business purpose here? Let's try to find some workaround here.

Kind regards,


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Hi Kevin

Many thanks for the response - and the tip that empty is wildcard for communication media. So at least we only need one entry per country, rather than (country * media) entries.

We have a series of newsletters that our suppliers can sign up to. We have been asked by the business to ensure that no-one, regardless of country of origin, receives a newsletter without first double opting-in to the corresponding general permission. We have applied some custom logic so that if subscription = true but permission = false, they do not get the newsletter.

As new suppliers are frequently joining, we can't narrow it down to a list of countries that we already have suppliers from, as others may arrive at any time.




Hello Simon,

Sorry for the late reply here, I was blocked by some urgent incidents in recent days :)

Currently I'm afraid there is no a wildcard for country field, which means you need to add the related countries in explicit here.

I'll discuss this require with development team, and if there is any updated, I'll ping you again.

Kind regards,



Thanks Kevin, for the info you have provided. We have now configured 250 countries in the system with explicit permission (*phew*) At least we didn't need a row per communication medium. Hopefully some enhancement in future could make this easier (I've submitted an idea for this here:

Joyca Vervinckt Apr 26 at 12:25 PM

Hi Simon,

I'd suggest that you create this as a requirement on the Customer Influence portal. You'd already get my vote :)

As for most countries it is dictated by law (e.g. in Europe you should always have explicit consent) a standard list of countries could already be made available in the hybris marketing cloud offering, in my opinion.

Or indeed at least a wildcard option as you indicate; so you can set everything to explicit consent all at once.

Currently the default setting is "implicit" which is not compliant with European law; it would be better if the default setting is the most severe one (explicit) and you can add customizing to set it less severe (e.g. for the US).



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Thanks Joyca for the suggestion - I have set up an idea, your vote is appreciated! :)

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Former Member Apr 26 at 12:38 PM

Hi Kevin,

an explicit by default wildcard would make sense. As Joyca mentioned in special in EU customers are very cautious regarding permission settings in a result of GDPR. AS GDPR can be apllied to any EU-citizen, even if the contact does not live in EU, this means that you are forced to set up 'explicit' to all countries and all media.



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