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Former Member
Oct 03, 2008 at 12:38 AM

Visual Composer WebService comsuption problem


Hello everybody,

I have the next problem

I defined a Web Service System in Visual Composer based on a WSDL file published SAP PI 7.0 This is a synchronous

Now in a iView I dragged it so I can consumed it.

Then I write clicking and try the test function I´m able to sends the input parameters.

After sending the input parameters the test tool is waiting for response, and in the monitoring tools of PI I can see how PI is receiving the request and sending the response with a succesful status, when EP is receiving the response is generating the next error: Portal request failed (Could not execute Web service operation)

I don´t know what the problem is because PI is succesfully processing the WebService so it can´t be an authorization problem, also the cache in EP is updated because the WSDL file has not changed. Does anyone any suggestions it seens that EP is not waitin for the response or this a problem when receiving it, I also tried the debug log in EP and I can see the sent or the input parameters but I can´t see nothing the receive of the output parameters.

Thanks in advance