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Automatic Release of Credit Block on Completely Processed Sales Orders

Business Requirement:

We have Sales Orders blocked for credit if the credit exposure of a customer goes over the credit limit. The credit block of a Sales Order only stops Revenue Recognition from happening (achieved using BTE), it doesn’t stop the delivery or billing. Hence, once the customer received an invoice, he pays it and the credit block of the Sales Order released.

The Credit Check & Release can be achieved using program RVKRED06. This program will release a Sales Order after checking the current credit exposure of a customer which should be less than the credit limit. We have scheduled this as a daily background job.

This credit check & release process for Sales Orders should happen AUTOMATICALLY once Invoice is paid.

No MANUAL activities (input/check/release) should happen.


“RVKRED06” considers only sales orders that are (VBUK~GBSTK = ‘A’ or ‘B’) “Not yet processed” & “Partially processed”.

So, the “RVKRED06” program does not work for us because this program does not consider Sales Orders with “Order Status (VBUK~GBSTK = ‘C’)” as being “Completely Processed”. As per our business requirement, we also need to check “Completely Processed” Sales Orders with Credit Status in (VBUK~CMGST = ‘A’ or ‘B’).

We can MANUALLY run VKM1, 2 & 3 transactions and release a blocked sales order, but, credit check does not happen in this.

MANUAL Transactions that can be used: F-28, F-32 (But, as stated above – NO MANUAL INPUTS should be done).

Proposed Solution:

Create an implicit enhancement in RVKRED06 program.

Select sales orders with the following status:

A Not yet processed

B Partially processed

C Completely processed -> NOT being Selected in Standard Program

Once credit recheck & save is done using the standard logic, check if the sales orders still have a credit block in VBUK table (cmgst = ‘A’ OR cmgst = ‘B’).

If yes, then, call Function Module ”SD_ORDER_CREDIT_RELEASE” for the successfully processed sales orders to update the Credit Status to “Released”.

Expected Solution:

As per SAP guidelines and our company policies, Implicit Enhancement should only be done if there are no other options available to achieve the business functionality & criticality.

There are no USER EXIT or BADI available for “RVKRED06”.

Please advise if there are any other options available.

Thank You.

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