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Oct 02, 2008 at 04:39 PM

Sales Order - Using Item Category "TAB Individual PO" / convert PReq to PO



I am configuring for the first time utilizing Sales Document Item category "TAB" - Individual Purchase Order. I have a few questions:

Is there a best practice/baseline package configuration guide specific for this process? I have found the 'third party' baseline package J54, but nothing so far on "individual purchase order from sales order'.

During Purchase Order Create from the Purchase Req. is there a way to default Purchase Order Type "UB" stock transfer from the Purchase Requisition type NB? Currently in my system, the PO type defaulting is NB and it needs to be UB. I thought this could be done based on the schedule line "CB" configuration (spro/SD/Sales/Sales Docs/Schedule Lines/Define Schedule Lines), changing the 'item category' to 7 stock transfer. Then, for the configuration setting spro/MM/Purchasig/Purchase Req/ Define Document Types, this would carry into the mapping for purchase requisition type NB/item category stock transfer to purchase order type UB/item category stock transfer. However, when I set '7' on the schedule line CB, I then receive a hard error when creating my purchase req to set the supplying plant. I have more than one supplying plant, so I'm not sure if setting the '7' for schedule line CB is the right setting for this process. From what I've been able to find for documentation, the item category of the schedule line should be set to '0' standard. My plan is to convert the PReq's into PO's in background, but I need to default the correct PO Type. Any help would be useful.


Sandra Miner