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Oct 02, 2008 at 04:50 PM

File Sender Dynamic Message Types, is that possible?


Hello everyone,

I have the next requirement and I'm thinking on how to do it, maybe you could give some advices, ideas or suggestions, my scenario should be as follosw:

File -> XI BPM -> R/3 BAPI's Execution -> JDBC Post result from BAPI's

now the problem is that in the file are the transaction codes to execute BAPI's in R/3, so it can contain something like this:




where it has the stucture of header(HF28) and detail(DF28, it can contain any number of details) for F28 transaction BAPI execution in R/3, and now the file can contain info for another transaction codes so the structure is going to be different, now the file name has nothing to differentiate what transaction or transactions are going to be, cause it can contain any number of transactions in any order separated by the @ symbol, now what I need is to loop that info in the BPM and call the corresponding transactions in the order that they are in the file and implement system errors and exceptions handling and even application errors and exceptions handling of the BAPI's, now the problem is that XI have to take the File in a Sender File Adapter Communication Channel but I cant' really be sure of what structure or complex structure(nested for header and details) I'm going to use until I know the transaction code in the headers and details in the file, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how I could accomplish this would be really, really appreciated, thanks in advance.


Julio Cesar